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Tom Thorson is a first-time author, if you don’t count the 329 attempts to write the Great American Novel beginning at about age 14 (a war novel, abandoned after half a hand-written page).  He attended the University of Illinois, where he became an English major primarily because he liked to read.  He also holds minors in psychology and mathematics, although full disclosure requires stating that he became worthless in helping with his daughters’ algebra homework by the time they entered the ninth grade.  For reasons still a mystery to this day, he parlayed his bachelor of arts degree into entry to Michigan Law School, and became a reluctant attorney.  Growing old rekindled his desire to write a book, and maybe this time he got it right. He currently lives in Oak Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, and has three mostly wonderful daughters who remain remarkably unaffected by his fathering skills.


Birthdate:  December 21, 1955.  Cards and cookies welcome.


Hobbies:  Baking, making artesian ice cream, travel to those few foreign countries who will still accept him, reading, gardening (if doing something you really don’t like counts as a hobby), and using the Oxford comma.


Favorite Authors:  Anyone from William Faulkner to Carl Hiassen, although the simple elegance and purity of Rex Stout continues to leave him in awe. 

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